Consulting4College provides parents and students with one-on-one guidance to create an incredible application to help your student present their best and stand out from the rest.

Reasons for Hiring a College Consultant.

Alleviate stress. Pay attention to each student’s needs. Find the competitive edge. Eliminate the confusion. Save money.

Lots of Questions

Many high school students have questions about their futures. Parents have questions of their own: How can we help our students prepare for and transition into college? Choose which standardized tests are needed, and what test prep method to use? Create a list of colleges to apply to that best fits their needs? Complete all those college applications?

High school guidance counselors are stretched thin. According to the Department of Education, the recommended ratio of high school students to guidance counselor is 250:1. However, the national ratio is currently 457:1, and in California the average ratio of students to counselor is 945:1.

Homeschool PSPs

Homeschool PSPs are run by volunteers wearing many hats. It is nearly impossible for them to design comprehensive high school plans, find college options, initiate marketing strategies, brainstorm essay topics and offer advice, review application materials, role-play for admissions interviews, create the necessary school documents, and help guide glowing letters of recommendations for every student.

Consulting4College not only provides everything the traditional student requires, but goes the extra mile for the unique situation of the homeschool student. We can create a professional high school transcript, school profile, student course descriptions and legend, as well as help guide your tutors in writing their letters of recommendation.


What does this all mean to the average college applicant? Competition is fierce not only when applying to state schools but also to many private schools as well, and this intense competition can also effect the student who applies for merit money and/or need-based financial aid. Fox Business editor Emily Driscoll reports, "As college admissions becomes increasingly more competitive as the number of applicants rise, many parents and students are turning to college consultants for a lifeline in navigating the stressful process of researching and applying to colleges."

Applicants need a consultant who acts with integrity, respect, courtesy, and thoughtfulness in all transactions and who recognizes the importance of confidentiality in performing their work.